So in a nutshell, what is the cloud and what's in it for you?

The cloud has become as much of a buzz as the .com era was (and we know how that worked out).

Effectively, cloud services is the harnessing of the latest technology to provided servers that are pooled off-site instead of undergoing the expense of installing on-site servers and related equipment. There's a huge cost saving in software licencing as well as on hardware purchasing and maintenance and best of all, most cloud servers are scalable (they can easily be upgraded and made bigger or faster).

Sure, this is over-simplifying things, but you get the picture. Instead of having horribly expensive equipment in your office, it's stored in a secure data centre and you share the use of it with other companies to keep costs down.

Cloud servers can be used for hosting e-mail (hosted exchange), file and application sharing and much more. With a cloud server, your workforce definitely benefits from the mobility of being able to log on and work from anywhere in the world. As a redundancy technology, it's great because it means that you can easily migrate to bigger and faster servers and that you can of course enjoy exceptional levels of backup of your critical data within the data center.

To have an open discussion about what cloud can do for your business, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us directly and we'll outline the options.

We have our own virtual private cloud offering online secure storage, online mail, backups to the cloud and much more. Naturally as Microsoft Silver Partners, we're well equipped to offer you Microsoft Office 365 and Cloud services at exceptional value. Office 365 is rapidly gaining favour in South Africa with the demise of SBS 2003 as a small business product and we're seeing a great adoption rate because of favourable pricing. Contact us today for a free needs assessment and costing.

As with all of our offerings, our cloud service is of course backed up by top level support.


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